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Spell to get lover back

You’ve asked me for it and I, spellcaster Maxim, can’t say no to you. I’ll tell you about a simplified spell to get lover back. Let me remind you that the chances are this spell won’t work the way you want. To save you time and effort, I suggest that you first read the following 20 statements and say if they’re true or false. This quiz will show if you have a chance to succeed at domestic magic or you’re not meant for it and should hire a trained love magic spell caster instead.

Before you read any of the statements, you have a 100% chance to succeed with this spell. Deduct 5% if you read the first statement and say it’s false (naturally, you should answer honestly because otherwise taking this quiz makes absolutely no sense). Continue until you read all the 20 statements. The result will show your chance to succeed in domestic magic. You should proceed with your spell if your result is 75% or more. If you’re at 60%, you have half the chance. If it’s 50%, you’re sure to fail. In this case contact me immediately and ask me for one of my love spells to get him back. I’ll take care of everything and your ex-husband or ex-boyfriend will come back to you shorty.

True or false?

  • You want to get back with your ex only because you love him;
  • You have a long history and you’ve m
    ade a ton of great memories together;
  • You’ve been in touch since you broke up;
  • You haven’t had a love affair since you broke up that your ex knows of;
  • You have children;
  • You work together (you have a joint venture or work on the same art project);
  • The target depended on you financially;
  • Having you as a girlfriend makes his life easier;
  • You have great sex;
  • He never cheated on you while you were together;
  • You never cheated on him while you were together (if you’ve ever had any online love affairs or thought about cheating, deduct 5%);
  • You know you’ll be happy with this person in the future;
  • You know what your future with this person will be like;
  • You’re a popular girl a lot of guys would want to date;
  • You know where your ex is living now and you can access his place with ease;
  • You have cast love spells or other spells successfully before;
  • You sleep less than 6 hours a night;
  • You’re healthy both physically and mentally;
  • You’re fair in evaluating your ex-partner and you don’t idealize him;
  • You left your ex-partner. He didn’t expect it and it broke his heart.

Now calculate the result. If you’re good to go, let’s do it!

Simple love spells to bring him back

Spell to get love back

To begin with, buy the ingredients and consumables needed for these simple love spells to bring him back. These consumables need to soak up your energy, so put them in the room where you spend the most time throughout the day. If you spend the most time outside, then take a shower when you come home and spend about 15 minutes next to the consumables, taking them in your hands one by one and trying to feel their essence. This is the best way to charge magic consumables with energy.

You’ll need the following items:

- 12 magic candles – pick any color you like, except for black, brown and gray candles;

- A small sharp shovel;

- A metal pattern-free flask with a lid;

- 5 photos;

- Any item that belonged to the target;

- A map of the area where your ex-lover is currently living;

- A ruler and a pen;

- 5 new silver coins of any denomination;

- A large pattern-free metal tray;

- A pattern-free cotton bag;

- A piece of cotton cloth (1 meter long);

- 1 strong rope (2 meters long);

- A box of matches.

Keep these for two weeks – this is how long it takes to cast these love spells that work to get your ex back. Mark the house of your beloved on the map and draw a star around it. The house should be right in the middle of the star and the top end should point to the north. The ends of the star should point at the areas free of residential and commercial buildings or asphalt (you’ll need to dig some holes in the ground). Your spell won’t work the way you want if you dig a hole in the wrong place.

I know many readers will get surprised because I, spellcaster Maxim, ask you to make such complex preparations for a supposedly easy love spell to bring back ex, but it is what it is. This spell is indeed easy if compared to other spells. So imagine what skilled spellcasters have to do in order to cast complex spells. For your information, complex spells are my specialty.

The two weeks that you’re waiting shouldn’t be a time wasted. So, to begin with, cleanse your energy through an emotional, mental and food fast. Take a bath twice a day. Change your sleep pattern as follows:

- Don’t sleep on the first day;

- Sleep on the second day;

- Don’t sleep on the third day;

- Sleep on the fourth day but don’t go to bed before 10 p.m.;

- Stay up all night on the fifth day;

- Sleep as much as you need on the sixth day.

The last day of your 2-week preparation period should be the first day of the waxing moon. When the moon rises in the sky, move the table to the window, sit down at it, and make sure you can see the moon from where you are. Put the tray on the table and put 7 candles on the tray (a round tray is better for this spell). This is your altar. Put 5 pictures on your altar and light the candles.

Now take the item that belonged to the man you love, squeeze it in your hand, and think about him. Whisper to his image in your head:

“You’ll come back because everything does. Even the moon… it grew old and died but then it was reborn into a new life. Its light is shining on me (name). Its light is shining on my photos. Its light is making my wishes come true. But I have only one wish. I want you (name) to come back to me. But I want you to come back not for an hour, a day or a week. I (name) want you (name) to come back to me for good.”

Get up and spread the cloth on the table. Put the photos and the 5 candles (which haven’t been used) into it, as well as the matches and the silver coins. Bundle it up. Put the shovel on top. Wind the rope around it crisscross making sure the knots can be easily untangled later when needed.

Get dressed and go outside.

Love spells to get your ex girlfriend back

Love spells to get your exI, spellcaster Maxim, forgot to mention that such spells can be used by men and women, so another name of these spells is love spells to get your ex girlfriend back.

Speaking about the spell, when the bundle is ready, go outside. Go to the lower end of the star on the map. Undo the bundle. Put a candle on the ground. Light it. Dig a small hole. Put a silver coin into it. Then put your photo on top. Repeat the incantation above (you should know it by heart). Cover it with some ground and walk away without firming it. Leave the candle burning. Bundle up the rest of the items, tie the bundle with the rope, and go to the next end of the start moving counterclockwise.

Continue until all the five holes have been dug up.

Go to bed as soon as you come home. In the morning wash the shovel and put it away. It’ll help your energies reconnect. The majority of such spells to bring lover back take full effect within only 4-5 days, but this spell takes longer – up to 8 days. So if your beloved hasn’t reached out to you or showed up at your place within 9 days, it means your spell has failed. Just accept it.

It’s okay. You can call me any time or reach out to me by email and I, spellcaster Maxim, will help you get your lover back even if the other enchanters turn you down because of the high amount of negative energy accumulated by you following multiple incidents of betrayal, cheating and disrespect. Magic allows people to start over. It reboots your life letting you choose the settings. It creates new feelings and restores love making it stronger and more durable.

As a trained spell caster with almost 30 years of experience, I guarantee safety of each of my clients. I complete projects in a fast and efficient manner. If you need time to think, use this opportunity to read my previous articles which are available on my website, and you’ll realize I’m your best shot.

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